Oregon Stimulus Check: Low-Wage Workers To Get Them This Summer

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The State House Democrats of Oregon recently passed a bill that allows people to get a stimulus check of $600. It is a one-time payment to people with low income who worked very hard during the initial days of the pandemic. The bill was passed in the House with a vote count of 42-26 and later on, was also passed in the afternoon in the Senate by a vote count of 23-2. 

Reason For Granting $600 Stimulus Checks

In the views of Sen. Kathleen Taylor, the lives of low-wage employees are very important to the economy of the country and it must be understood that these people are suffering the most due to the gradual rise in the price of necessary commodities. He also added that the lives of common people will improve with the money from stimulus checks which will be used for paying medical bills, grocery items, utility, and other bills. 

Thus, the motive of House Bill 4157 was just to secure a good life for the workers. The stimulus check would help the country raise the standard of living by providing aid to the families so that they can pay rent, childcare, prescriptions, and other things. 

In a statement given by Andrea Valderrama, the bill’s chief sponsor, every individual living in Oregonians including her is struggling as the cost of living is rising abruptly. Individuals will be eligible for the stimulus check who qualified for Income Tax Credit in 2020 or have filed an amended return by 15th April. As per DOR’s reports, an approximate number of 250,000 people from Oregon will get the check.

In the words of Rachel Prusak, the wealth difference is continuously rising for which different legislations are made to help the poor and needy families. All the people who are eligible for the stimulus check need not have to fill out an application as their checks will be given by direct deposit in June.