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Ozzy Osbourne, 73, Returns Home After Major Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne was seen exiting the facility in a wheelchair and had his wife Sharon beside him after undergoing a “major procedure” that she stated will define his remaining years.

As a medical worker walked the family out of the institution and to a waiting vehicle following his surgery, the 73-year-old rock icon donned black trousers and a long-sleeved top with id bands on his wrists.

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The family has not spoken publicly about Ozzy’s medical treatment, although Sharon said Ozzy Osbourne was “feeling okay” in a throwback photo of Ozzy standing at the microphone published on Twitter on Wednesday. On the same day, Ozzy released a statement, stating that he is presently healing at home.

Ozzy Osbourne Is Recovering At Home

Sharon, his wife of 40 years, was seen walking close behind in a royal blue pantsuit in the photos. As they exited the health clinic, they both observed COVID-19 rules and donned protective face masks. According to a report, the treatment involved removing and realigning pins in his back and neck. “Ozzy is 73, and any type of surgery is harder as you get older,” sources have told Page Six. “This is a huge deal. He is getting the screws in his back and neck straightened following a fall he experienced in 2019.”

Sharon and Kelly were both seen visiting Black Sabbath leader Bill Ward in the hospital on Monday, just hours after Sharon announced his urgent medical requirements. Kelly, 37, is expecting her first child with SlipKnot’s musician boyfriend Sid Wilson.

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“He is been in such a lot of discomfort,” a source said of Ozzy’s recent physical state. The “Prince of Darkness” is also expected to require a “lengthy period of convalescence” at home, with round-the-clock nursing care.

Ozzy Osbourne’s back troubles are most likely the result of an all-terrain vehicle accident in 2003 when he crashed his quad while driving around his London property.

He needed emergency surgery at the time due to “a shattered collarbone, eight cracked ribs compressing vital blood veins, and injured vertebra in his neck.”

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