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Panther Co-founder Has Discussed Bringing Zero-Knowledge Technology

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Oliver Gale, the CEO, and co-founder of the Panther Protocol went on to elaborate on the technology behind its DeFi sector. He also focused on the necessity behind it in the crypto space that was present in the current scenario. As it stands, privacy coins and zero-knowledge technology, which some utilize to obfuscate the identity of sends/receivers and transaction amounts, have been gaining enormous popularity over the last few years due to the mounting regulatory surveillance against the crypto sector. But, despite this rapid rise in the market cap, most critics haven’t stopped the scrutinization of such class of assets as enables for masking major illicit activities. 

Panther Could Bring Forward A New Way In the DeFi Sector

When Cointelegraph asked the CEO of Panther Protocol how much they managed to raise from the sale of their recent token, the answer was $30 million- quite a staggering amount for a token that wasn’t so well known in the crypto sphere. For the protocol, the company had done several private sale rounds, after which they did a public sale on the 23rd of November, which was 90 minutes long, and raised over $20 million during that time. The second question which stood before the team was the roadmap itself, so the protocol is simply a multi-chain privacy protocol with several zero-knowledge, data disclosure tools which have been built into it. 

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Interestingly, the CEO of Panther also talked about how many deployments they had seen the current month. And that will be delivering an MVP that would allow the staking on Polygon along with the transferability of the ERC-20 token to ZKP token. After that, the protocol would be deploying the complete v1.0 MVP, which would contain the multi-asset privacy pools and multi-asset staking pools that are the shielded tools in which Panther assets would be able to use their transactions privately. 

As of now, the company has five EVM compatible partnerships to deploy Panther v1 on Near, Flare, etc. 

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