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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Parker stevenson Remembers His Wife

Kirstie Alley’s ex-husband Parker Stevenson has paid tribute to the actress on the anniversary of her death.

Parker Stevenson posted a photo of them together, saying: ‘My darling…we are forever entwined. I will miss you every day.’

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The couple was married from 1988 until 1991 before splitting up and divorcing in 1993. They continued to remain close friends as well as business partners in their production company, Alleycats Inc., for many years after.

“A year ago today was a very tough day for me,” Stevenson, 70, began in an Instagram post on Sunday. “I received the devastating news that my first wife and wonderful friend, one of the most amazing women I knew had passed away.”

Parker Stevenson Posts A Touching Message

Parker Stevenson continued to share how much Alley meant to him throughout their marriage and how she taught him many valuable lessons.

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“She made me laugh more than anyone ever has or ever will,” he wrote. “My life was enriched by her presence not just because we were married but because she shared herself with everyone who met her.”

“I loved her very much. She was a force of nature, a true professional and an amazing mother who never stopped loving life or trying to make it better for the people around her. We will get through this together as a family who loves each other deeply and always has each others backs. We are so lucky to have her friends in our lives and we will do whatever we can to help them through this as well.”

“She was a force of nature whose energy and passion for life touched everyone she met,” he continued in the caption. “Her love of family and friends knew no bounds.”

He added, “Those who knew Kirstie will remember her as an authentic soul who was always genuine, loyal, opinionated and unfiltered.”

“Her mothering instincts were so strong that they spilled over into all areas of her life,” he wrote. “My daughter and I are forever grateful for the way she treated us with love, respect and affection.”

Kirstie’s family has struggled to understand what happened. They ask anyone struggling with addiction or mental illness not to be afraid or ashamed to seek help from a friend or doctor in order to break free from those things that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential.

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