“Partners In Love For Life,” Writes Rob Lowe In Message To Wife For Anniversary

rob lowe

Rob Lowe, the actor, is overjoyed with his wife of 31 years! On Friday, Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff commemorated their wedding anniversary declaring her love has changed his entire universe. The comment on Lowe’s Instagram post appreciated his wife as gorgeous, intelligent, fascinating, kind, and amusing as she was so many blissful years ago.

Lifelong partners in love! Berkoff posed for the black-and-white photo and gave herself a self-hug in the caption. In the picture, she was sporting an oversized cardigan and black sunglasses.

In honor of their 31 years of marriage, Berkoff posted a photo on Instagram of her own special moment with Rob Lowe. When they were paired together on a blind date in the 1980s, Lowe and Berkoff met. Michael, 29, and John, 27, are their two kids.

It Has Been A Rollercoaster Ride For Rob Lowe And Sheryl Berkoff

Following their separation, the jewelry designer briefly dated Keanu Reeves, Rob Lowe’s co-star. They resumed their romance in 1989, nevertheless, and two years later they were wed. While working as a cosmetic artist in Hollywood prior to meeting Lowe, Berkoff came to know several A-list celebrities, including a teenage Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow said that Berkoff was the first person to teach her how to engage in oral sex when she was just “15 or 16 years old” on an episode of the actor’s podcast, “Literally With Rob Lowe.” Both John and Lowe have traveled separate recovery paths. John said in January that his father had assisted him in kicking his alcohol addiction.

John admitted that the 58-year-tight old’s friendship was crucial to him in his late teens and early college years. In his early years, especially as his reputation soared, Lowe personally battled addiction. In May, the patriarch will mark 32 years of sobriety. John recalled that Lowe was always there to show affection and provide constant support, which was crucial at that point.