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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Among The News Of Mass Shootings, Pat Benatar Declined To Sing The Most Well-known Songs.

Pat Benatar wanted to keep her most well-known song inside her back pocket in the aftermath of the mass shootings that have occurred around the nation.

To protest gun violence, the singer declined to perform her best song of the 1980s, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

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Pat said in an interview with USA Today how the fans were having heart attacks as she announced that they would not be singing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” She added that she is sorry, but she is not singing it out of respect for the victims of these horrible killings and their families. Pat Benatar, the 69-year-old, stated that even while the song does not advocate gun ownership, someone has to draw a line somewhere.

Unapologetic, Pat told the audience that if they wanted to hear the music, they could just go back to their homes and listen to [it]”.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t grin and speak those words out loud. I go to my legislators instead of standing on a stage and making a speech “She spoke. “That is my meagre protesting effort. I won’t be singing it. Tough.”

Pat Benatar declined to sing her hit songs to stand in solidarity with the mass shooting victims’ families: 

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Pat Benatar, however, will keep singing her additional popular songs, including “We Belong” and “Love Is A Battlefield.”

Following horrifying mass shootings in places like New York, Buffalo, Texas, Uvalde, and even the Highland Parks, among others, the song will not be performed. In 2022, there have been more than 350 mass shooting incidents in the states, according to Gun Violence Archive.

Even though the fans have not been a lot happy about going to their favourite artists and not listening to their favourite songs, Pat seemed unapologetic and thought to stand her ground was the best she could do to send her condolences to the victim’s families.

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