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Friday, January 27, 2023

Paula Abdul Looks Like A Teenager In Failed Photoshop Attempt

Paula Abdul has been baffled in her Instagram post. She shared her photo where she is looking like a teenager.

Abdul Paula has posted her recent snap with Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Lung Minkoff and Jaclyn Smith in the Christmas party of Kathy Hilton. However, the former star judge of the American Idol decided to focus on the photoshop fail that made her look like a teenager.

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The star singer has shared to snaps on Instagram where one of her fans commented that they almost look like two different persons.

Another person has also said that they don’t understand the thin.People have commented on how it made the editing in the snap embarrassingly obvious.

Many social media users have even said that Abdul Paula in the photos has been an imposter. People have also commented as they don’t recognize the person and even asked where is the singer in those snaps.

Paula Abdul Looks Like A Teenager:

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Paula Abdul shared snaps from the Christmas Party of Kathy Hilton where she doesn’t look like herself a bit. The editing of those photos made it look obvious.

One of her followers has asked her to embrace herself in her natural beauty. People have even asked her to calm down on her efforts to photoshop the images to make herself look younger as she is already gorgeous without those.

Abdul hasn’t spoken anything about her Facetune gaffe, but she seems to have enjoyed herself at the celebrity-studded holiday party.

She captioned her photos that @kathyhilton typically throws one of the most amazing Christmas party. before wishing Merry Christmas to her fans. She also said that she was enjoying their day off, celebrating, and being surrounded by family and friends. I’m sending you my love and best wishes for the season.




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