PennyWise Malware Wrecks Havoc

Trezor CEO ZachXBT

PennyWise Malware is a name that has been the topic of discussion in the crypto market in recent times. The malware has been spread all throughout YouTube and investors are losing an insane amount of money for it. The crypto market is facing some of its darkest times at the moment. This is because the market is currently plagued by all forms of negativity. In the recent past, the market has experienced a huge downward curve that has made investors fearful about investing. Companies like Ethereum and Bitcoin slumped to new lows during this phase. Coinbase is on the verge of liquidation. Apart from all these, the market has also been plagued by various scams and frauds recently.

Previously a scam got very popular called the Dating App scam. Fraudsters were setting up fake accounts to chat with the investors on various dating websites. After chatting with them for a while and gaining their trust, the frauds would ask them to invest in specific crypto companies. A lot of people lost thousands of dollars in the process. The PennyWise malware is the latest addition to the ongoing frauds in the crypto market. Most crypto companies have issued warnings to their investors so that they do not fall prey to such frauds. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

PennyWise Malware A Headache For The Investors 

The PennyWise malware is currently wreaking havoc. According to the reports, the primary targets of the malware are Ethereum wallets and Zcash. Apart from these, it also targets Coinomi, Atomic Wallet, and Electrum. 

The PennyWise malware breaks in with your login data and accesses all your chat logs. The department of security has issued warnings and asked investors to be aware of any fishy activities on the internet.