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Stimulus Checks: Thousands Of People Are Waiting For More

There are still thousands of stimulus checks left that are being issued to the citizens this year. After the three stimulus checks that have been granted by the Government of the U.S., many states and cities have also started their own UBI and stimulus check programs. 

All The Information Regarding Stimulus Checks

The only difference between Universal Basic Income and stimulus checks is the first one is given on a monthly or yearly basis, while the second one is a one-time payment. The federal stimulus check of $1,400 will be given to families who just gave birth to a newborn baby in 2021. Moreover, it will also be given to those families who have lost their eligible members during the pandemic, couples and individuals whose income in 2020 was more than $ 160,000 and $80,000 respectively and in 2021 these people earned less, and to household families who had to add a dependent while filing tax.

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The citizens who were capable of getting a check could also claim Recovery Rebate Credit after they file their tax returns. The State of New Jersey has also sanctioned a stimulus check of $4,000 for people who were not eligible for the federal check. This stimulus check was given to people whose names were undocumented or were recently incarcerated. Moreover, people whose income for the whole year was less than $55,000 and are adults can apply for this money before 28th February. 

Furthermore, the state of Oregon has also approved a $600 stimulus check for people. This check will be given to poor workers who were working tirelessly during the pandemic. California is also issuing checks to the residents who have missed their previous payments. Two programs were launched by the state known as Golden State Stimulus I and II which offered money of $1,200 and $1,100 to eligible citizens respectively.

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