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Monday, March 20, 2023

Pete Davidson Flaunts Kim Kardashian’s Name On Chest: Tells Kayne West To Grow Up

Following a spate of shocking exchanges between Kayne West and Pete Davidson, there comes the tattoo of Kim Kardashian‘s name on Davidson’s chest. The tattoo of his girlfriend’s name was hidden in a maze of tattoos on his heavily tattooed chest.

The word ‘KIM’ is written in black letters with the ink still fresh. The screenshot has since been deleted. Some fans went on to suggest that Pete Davidson’s boyfriend, the 41-year-old Kim Kardashian may herself have inked her name on the 28-year-old Davidson’s chest. Many suggested that it looked like Kim’s handwriting.

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Amanda Hirsch exclaimed about the Kim tattoo etched on his chest. She drew attention to Pete Davidson’s tattoo by highlighting the relevant section of the chest.

Another fan butted in to say that it was similar to the tattoo with Kim’s sister,  Kourtney’s name that Travis Barker etched on his chest.

The selfies that displayed the ink appeared this Sunday when Dave Sirus, the comedian collaborator in King of Staten Island shared the relevant screenshot of the conversation with West.

Pete Davidson Texts Kayne West To ‘Grow The Fuck Up’

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Pete Davidson messaged Kayne West this Sunday telling him that Kim has been the best ever mother and has been amazing to her kids. He told West that he was lucky that Kim’s his kids’ mother. He added that he was not going to treat her this way in the future and would not stay quiet. He advised West to grow up.

West pointed out that Pete Davidson was using profanity and asked him where he was. Pete Davidson replied that he was in bed with his wife. West replied that he was happy to see him out of rehab and hospital. Reality star Kim became single legally recently since filing for separation a year ago. Pete Davidson has long been open about his struggles with mental health and addiction and had in a 2017 interview revealed that he was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder.

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