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Petition For The 4th Stimulus Check: Signatures Inching Towards The 3 Million Mark

The leading petition on change.org for a $2,000 monthly stimulus check has collected close to 3 million signatures and is a mere 45,000 away from the mark. But the federal administration has put all direct stimulus checks on hold at the moment and continues to be preoccupied with the infrastructure and the social spending bill.

The momentum in the online support for the $2,000 stimulus check has waned in recent weeks after the surge in summer when the Delta variant of the virus struck with ferocity. Fresh cases and pandemic-related deaths have also seen a downward trend.

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The online petition on change.org was the initiative of restaurateur Stephanie Bonin from Denver. She had called upon the US Senate and House to push through legislation from a minimum of $2,000 per month for adults regularly during the period of the calamity. She has also petitioned for half that amount for children.

The number of online signatures now stands at 2,959,600 on Saturday. But there have been only 29,000 fresh supporters over the last month and a mere 5,000 this week. When it reaches the 3M mark, it will stand as change.org’s most signed petition.

The online campaign had received a spurt in support during this summer with more than 100,000 signatures inside a week even as families continued to struggle to put food on the table and pay for utilities and rent. The economic turndown was caused by the pandemic.

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Petition By Seniors For Stimulus Check

Even as the Bonin-initiated campaign nears the 3M mark, another petition for the badly hit Social Security beneficiaries has gathered 75,000 online signatures. The Senior Citizens League is behind the petition and has requested Congress for an emergency stimulus check for seniors, widows, disabled adults, and widowers, as they are among the hardest hit by the pandemic.

But the federal administration is more concerned with the two bills than any further stimulus checks. While the infrastructure bill has gone through, leaders are now concentrating on the larger social bill which is a key agenda for the federal administration. But no stimulus checks are part of these bills.

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