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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Petition For Recurring Stimulus Checks Gets The Support It Had Hoped For

Stephanie Bonin isn’t getting the footfalls she would have hoped for at her restaurant. The economic downturn has severely affected the restaurant owner from Denver. But her online petition and 4 others on change.org are on their way to getting the 3M signatures that she had hoped to get.

The petition has urged the Biden administration for regular stimulus checks till the economic situation improves. 

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The demand for a fourth check is growing each day as the economic situation threatens to go back to the level when pandemic levels were at their peak.

The petitions in change.org have requested the Biden administration for a $2,000 stimulus check every month for adults plus half that amount for children. The recurring stimulus check needs to be paid until the situation eases in America. Other petitions are requesting continued support.

Bonin wrote in her petition that she and her family had lost their only source of income. To make matters worse, the self-employed and small business owners have no access to unemployment rates.

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She wrote that even the support of the unemployment check, which will last till September 6 would be inadequate for most to put food on the table or pay off their rent, mortgage, or debts.

She said that many Americans were in danger of slipping back into poverty for the second time.

The Need For A Fourth Stimulus Check Was Felt Some Time Back

Several Democratic lawmakers, including several influential and senior Congressmen, have been requesting the President for a fourth stimulus check.

They have also articulated the need for monthly stimulus checks till there was an economic turnaround. They had warned sometime back that the third stimulus check would not last more than 2 to 3 months. And most Americans continue to struggle to put food on the table and pay off the debts they have run-up in the year and a half since the worldwide shutdown.

 But the President is preoccupied with the infrastructure bill and there seems little chance of any direct stimulus payment, at least this year. The only support in sight is the child tax credit payment that will give families around $250-$300 per child for six months beginning July.

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