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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Stimulus Check: Online Petition For A Fourth Stimulus Check Nears 3 Million

The online petition by a restaurateur in Colorado urging the President to go for recurring stimulus checks of $2,000 till the end of the pandemic has found massive support. Close to 3 million people on the internet have signed the petition and the number is growing each day.

The petition by Stephanie Bonin has urged Congress for a stimulus check of $2,000 for adults plus half that for children to start immediately. She has also said that the stimulus checks should be recurring and should continue till the end of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

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The cut in federal stimulus support and the end of the extended unemployment benefits on September 6 has increased the urgency of the signatures. It has found an added momentum among citizens for a fourth stimulus check.

The end of the extended support to unemployed workers has seen the loss of federal support to 8 million people. they had either lost their source of income totally or had seen it plummet during the pandemic period.

The petition says that continuing federal aid through recurring relief checks will support self-employed people, furloughed and laid-off workforce. A majority of workers had their working hours reduced and are struggling to pay for daily home expenses such as food, and rent.

Closing In On 3 Million Signatures Demanding A Fourth Stimulus Check

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By 25th September, the online appeal has found support from 2,896,476 people. That represents a rise of more than 600,000 since June this year. though the petition has found ever-increasing support from common people for a fourth relief check, it has largely been overlooked by the administration and lawmakers.

Several prominent Democratic lawmakers had earlier voiced their support for a fourth stimulus check. but they have since gone silent on the issue. Till the last news came in, there has been no signs that the Biden-led administration is contemplating further stimulus check as part of the $3.5T reconciliation bill.

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