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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Petition For 4th Stimulus Check Inches Towards 3 Million Mark

While most Americans have all but given up hope for a 4th stimulus check, the online petition started by a restaurateur has reached the 3 million mark. But Congress appears to be stuck in an unholy mess with the huge infrastructure plan and the budget bill.

Can the petition start with Stephanie Bonin calling for regular stimulus checks to see citizens through the pandemic see the light of day? The crossing of the key milestone of 2.9 million has made this petition one of the most signed petitions on change.org.

Renewed Appeal For A 4th Stimulus Check As Unemployment Benefits Dry Up

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Bonin said that she has noticed a renewed interest in the petition pointing to more people falling on desperate times with the money from the 3rd installment of the stimulus check drying up. 9 million people have also lost the support of the enhanced unemployment benefits from September.

And the COVID-19 virus is making a comeback with the Delta variant, making people wary of joining the workforce.

Stimulus check was a great help as a majority of the people were severely affected by the pandemic. But most people no longer have the support even as the economy shows signs of a sluggish return to normalcy.

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The unemployment rate remains at 5.2%, way above the pre-pandemic mark of 3.5%. But with the chance of a 4th stimulus check fading, you need to look for other ways to cover your expenses in these trying times.

The only federal support is for families with children in the form of the Child Tax Credit advances. The only stimulus checks are the ones being given by states to specific groups of citizens, depending on the urgency.

People continue to lose their jobs even as prices go through the roof. People have even been forced to cut down on their food and other essentials. People have gone for cost-cutting measures by refinancing their mortgages. With average rates as low as 3% for a fixed plan of 30 years, it could mean a monthly savings of a few hundred.

Home-owner and car insurance rates are also down and a quick rate check will give some great deals. Even internet, cell phone, and cable service providers have good deals, while online shopping deals are plenty as they try to ramp up falling sales.

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