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Phaedra Parks Reflects On Her Comments Against Kenya Moore

Phaedra Parks is one of the most famous names in American entertainment history. She has been one of the biggest influences and has appeared in a number of popular television shows. Parks shot to fame when she appeared in the reality television show, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”. She had a fairly successful season at the show and was part of many controversies. One of the biggest controversies that Parks was involved in was with Kenya Moore.

Moore has been a former Miss USA and was also a participant in the show. However, the ratio between Moore and Parks was not at all the sweetest. They both kind of hated each other and had a cold war ongoing throughout the entirety of their stay at the show. However, the biggest bombshell dropped when Phaedra Parks blasted Kenya publicly. Parks asked Moore not to reach out to other people’s partners and boyfriends.

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She stated that Moore has been very much interested in talking about Parks’ husband recently because she did not have anything else to do. Parks then went on to say that Moore browses through the sperm bank to have a child of her own. She also attacked Kenya by saying that Moore would never know the identity of the father of her child. These comments left everyone speechless along with the host of the show, Andy Cohen. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Phaedra Parks Claims To Have Forgotten The Kenya-Incident 

Phaedra Parks was recently featured in the reunion episode of the Real Housewives. As soon as she began her interview, Parks was asked by the host about her take on the infamous controversy with Kenya Moore. 

Phaedra Parks stated that she was very much angry with Moore at that moment. The reason for her anger was the fact Moore was trying to get up, close and personal with her husband. Parks also stated that once she vented out her rage, she did not remember much about the incident. 

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