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Prince Harry Denies Rebuffing King Charles III Over Banning Megan Markle

Though gossip had it that when Prince Harry reached Scotland on the 8th of September he had spurned his father’s invitation for dinner at Balmoral Castle. The truth was, however, revealed on Page 6 that both King Charles III and Prince William had already left for the stately home. 

Prince Harry Being Royally Ignored

Prince Harry, 38, did not accept his father’s invitation to the castle to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II as Megan Markle was not invited.

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King Charles, 73, made it very clear to him that her presence at the royal gathering was unbecoming. 

Prince Harry was sadly denied the privilege of being beside his loving grandmother on the day she died.

In 2020, when he and Megan Markle disgraced the Queen by shunning their regal responsibilities they had to face a lot of hardships. Prince William and his spouse Kate Middleton are also not on talking terms with Harry and his wife. 

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Despite serving in the army for 10 years, he was not allowed to wear his uniform at the Queen’s memorial service. Later, at the vigil Charles allowed him to do so. Prince Harry’s army titles had been taken away after he refused to work for the royal family. He missed his grandmother who had always been beside him through his growing years. The Queen had met Megan and had lovingly embraced her great-grandchildren, 3-year-old Archie, their son, and their 1-year-old daughter Lilibet. Prince Harry said he would forever treasure those special times with her. 

Harry and Megan now live in Montecito, California. The couple is no longer needed to carry out their duties and responsibilities towards their royal family in the UK. 

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