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Prince Harry Says He Has Probably Been Bigoted Before Meghan Markle Relationship

Prince Harry confessed to being bigoted prior to his affair started with Meghan. In a clip of his interview in sixty minutes the prince confessed.

The Prince confessed about his own faults while he was talking in a recent interview about how the Brit media mistreated his wife for being mixed-race.

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Prince Harry said to the host of the show about how the media in Britain mistreated Meghan as they did to Camilla the new Queen and Kate Middleton.

However, he said that when the fact of Meghan being mixed-race entered the scene, the media jumped at it as that is their TRP. The Duke continued that he was very naïve and he had zero idea that the British press was like this.

When Anderson, the host of the show asked if the Prince ever felt being bigoted, he said that he don’t know about that. He wanted to put it this way that he never saw things that he sees now.

Prince Harry Talks About Getting Bigoted:

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Since the relationship went public, Prince Harry has consistently expressed his disgust with the how the Brit media has handled the “Suits” star.

Harry & Markle, both 41, claimed that the “toxic” press in Britain contributed to their choice to exit the royals in 2021.

He said that it is common knowledge how awful the British media can be at times and at that time the media was worsening is mental health as per Prince Harry.

He said, “This is poison,” declaring that the press had made life for both him and his wife “very unpleasant.”

Additionally, the parents of 2 demonstrated how the Brit media utilized Markle’s ethnicity as the basis for their tales in the couple’s latest six-episode Netflix show, “Harry & Meghan,” which was published last month.





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