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Prince William Ignores Questions About His Younger Brother’s New Memoir

As the Prince and Princess of Wales left an engagement on Thursday, a reporter tried to ask Prince William if he had read his brother Prince Harry’s explosive tell-all, “Spare.” Prince William waved off the question.

The journalist yelled again, “Your Royal Highness, have you had a chance to read your brother’s book at all,” according to a video obtained by ITV.

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The query received no response from William, who then soon left the charity with his wife, Kate Middleton, who also chose to ignore it. Following the publication of Harry’s biography on Tuesday, the royal couple made their second visit to Open Door Charity in Birkenhead, England. 

Prince William Supposedly Physically Attacked Prince Harry 

Prince Harry said that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton humiliated Meghan Markle by referring to her as a “divorced biracial American actress” in his biography Spare, which was published yesterday. Prior to the publication of Spare, Prince Harry stated that Prince William and his wife did not get along with Meghan Markle from their very first encounter. This alone demonstrates how deeply embedded racism is in the British royal family. The two visited the recently inaugurated Royal Liverpool University Hospital earlier on Thursday, where they spoke with staff members and learned more about the hospital.

Despite the allegations made against them while other royal family members in the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, Middleton, 41, and William, 40, appeared to be in high spirits. Prince Harry discusses the physical assault by his brother, William, the current Prince of Wales, in his autobiography Spare, which was written after their relationship broke down over the younger prince’s marriage to the actress Meghan Markle. Harry claims William parroted the journalistic narrative about his American bride when he said Meghan was difficult, nasty, and confrontational.

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