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Prince William Shares Video Of The Couple’s Children On Their Anniversary

Prince William and Kate Middleton went on social media to celebrate their wedding anniversary and gave their fans a rare glimpse of the couple’s family life. Thursday marked their 10th year being married.

The Happy Family Of Prince William

The royal couple received a host of well-wishes for the occasion. Afterward, they used their social media accounts to show their gratitude for the fans. Their note online conveyed their thanks for everyone’s kind messages for the anniversary. As such, they reiterated their gratefulness for the decade of support they have received in their lives while being a family. The post was signed “W & C.”

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The post also included a sweet attached video. The video which ran for 40 seconds showed the parents enjoying the outdoors with 3-year-old Prince Louis, 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 7-year-old Prince George, their three kids.

The video first shows the five-member family taking a hike along a beach. The hike also featured the family’s dog. This was followed by a clip of 38-year-old Prince William chasing Louis and Charlotte playfully. Both the children wore huge smiles while playing with their father.

Kate Middleton was then seen walking her firstborn before cuddling up with Charlotte, Louis, and Prince Williams. The clip also included Louis enjoying a seesaw ride with Charlotte sitting opposite before running off to chase his mother.

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Marshmallows are then roasted by the family. Prince William takes the opportunity to wrap 39-year-old Kate in his arms in the warmth of the open fire. Will Warr, the filmmaker, had created the video.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge also shared some new portraits of the couple as part of the anniversary celebrations, on Wednesday. The photos had the two adorned in blue. Middleton wore a wrap of light blue while a simple sweater was seen on William. 

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