Project Hamilton Concludes That Even Weeks After The Legislator’s enquiry

Project Hamilton

The project ran for two years and produced their white paper in last Feb. Results of the researches conducted earlier will keep coming back accompanied by the Fed’s companion at the MIT to have a research report in last January.

In the weeks leading till Christmas, Project Hamilton, a joint venture between MIT and the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, declared its completion. The 2year research examined the technological facets of a fictitious digital dollars central bank electronic currency, or CBDC, for the USA.

The Executive VP Of the Boston Fed have said that the project Hamilton has taken a new leap to a better understanding of how can money do better for everyone.

The technologically “neutral” initiative produced a white paper & 2 versions of OpenCBDC, an accessible research program, in Feb, only 1 of which made use of distributed ledgers. At the moment, the organizers made a commitment to investigate into “privacy, programmability, auditability, and interoperability and more” in future research.

Project Hamilton Concluded That Even Weeks After The Legislators:

By pointing out that OpenCBDC has achieved a system throughout of 1.84 mn transactions every second, the Fed also suggested that development on the project had proceeded. That is most likely using the non-blockchain variant, which as of Feb was capable of 1.7 mn transactions every second. At that time, 170k transactions per second were being handled using the blockchain version.

The writers of the letter raised worry about unfair benefits for study participants in upcoming CBDC growth and inquired about the participation of private companies in the study. They also inquired as to how the initiative handled privacy concerns. They asked for written replies but didn’t offer a timeframe.