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Promotional Marketing to Cool Down Your Clients

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With things heating up and temperatures reaching record levels, it’s time to give your customers and clients something they really need. Say goodbye to boring personalised gifts that have a 50/50 chance of being used and improve client relationships with a timely gift they can use and enjoy the moment they receive it.


Edible Gifts

So, you want to get your brand in front of a client but not sure what gift to send? If you haven’t quite figured out what kind of promotional gift conveys your businesses the most, going down the edible route can prove to be just as successful and can still showcase your brand through personalisation options such as printed artwork on packaging and even the edible gift itself.

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You may be surprised to know that personalised gifts don’t just come in the form of a notebook or USB stick, you can get some really unique, summer corporate gifts that are perfect as timely and seasonal gifts, if you’re looking to send a goodwill gesture to customers or clients.

What Other Options Are There?


When the suns out, it’s time for ice-cream! Imagine your business set up at a trade show and the weather clear and bright and guess what; you’ve got something everyone wants. With this type of promotional item, you may find your logo and brand message making its way around an event quite quickly, with visitors searching for your space to grab their own personalised ice-cream.

Water Bottles

Customised water bottles are useful all year-round but especially in those warmer months and if you’re happy to give these away to passers-by who stop to chat and learn about your brand, you’ve instantly gained new relationships with potential customers.

Iced Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee have many associations that may relate to energy, health and even summer itself, so it’s easy to give people that summer feeling with a cool refreshing drink of iced tea or coffee that will give clients a chance to take a break and appreciate your personalised gift.

Energy Drinks

Perfect for sport brands or if you’ve got a witty catchphrase that you want to associate with the product, personalised energy drinks can be a great item to gift clients & customers for those early morning starts or to simply give them a buzz to enjoy the rest of their day.

Juice Cans

If you would rather go down the route of an item that can be enjoyed and recycled, juice cans are a great corporate gift and go down very well on a hot day when your customers are after something with flavour.

How Can These be Utilised?

If you’re wondering ‘how can these be personalised?’ all of these items have the ability to be customised to show custom artwork, logo’s and personalised messages. A great option would be to include your clients name on the packaging – who wouldn’t want their own carton of ice-cream?

Personalisation aside, these summer seasonal type products can be fully utilised at outdoor events, especially for sporting brands who want to attend tradeshows or competitions and want items that relate to their brand and the location they’re at.

Similar to a point made before about conveying your brand in the right way, if you’re a brand that sells trainers, you would be more inclined to hand out personalised energy drinks or water bottles rather than pens or traditional stationery items, it’s all about the association you’re trying to create.

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