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Quavo Paid Homage To His Nephew Takeoff After His Sad Demise

Quavo broke his silence after the sad demise of his nephew Takeoff. The musician wrote a message to the angel in his life on Saturday and we all felt that in our hearts after reading that.

On Instagram, Quavo captioned a post saying how hard the last few days has been for him. He wrote that he is going to miss him (well he is not alone) as Takeoff has always backed him up and they climbed the ladder of success together. Quavo began his long note to his dead nephew “Take” in which the rapper tried to reflect their journey together.

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Since they were kids, Takeoff has always been by his side, Quavo wrote, adding that with his eyes, he was looking at the rapper, waiting for the elder to take the next step.

Quavo shared how Takeoff’s dream as a kid was to partner with him in the pro-wrestling arena like WWE. This was before they started their journey as musicians forming their first rap group together.

Quavo’s Note To His Dead Nephew Reflects Their Lives Together:

The rapper remembered how Takeoff used to be very unbothered under any circumstances, keeping his cool and not raising his voice or getting mad.

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The rapper says that Takeoff used to silence the whole room as whatever words he uttered used to become the law in a room. Quavo also added that his now-dead relative has always been the funniest person in any room entertaining everyone with his charm and activities.

He considered his now-deceased nephew as one of those who had that passion for their music, and he always used to put his family first.

The rapper of “Hotel Lobby” expressed his “proudness” at having seen his loved individual’s blessings before his passing.

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