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Rainn Wilson Alters His Name To Bring Climate Consciousness

Rainn Wilson, the star from the popular American TV show “The Office” is being vocal about his opinions and views regarding the climate crisis. The world has been facing major changes in its climatic conditions due to a number of issues including global warming and air pollution.

Rainn Wilson is way too concerned and serious about the climate crisis. He changes his name on his social media handles to “Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson” to bring about enough awareness regarding the environmental condition of our planet Earth.

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Wilson came to his Instagram and Twitter handles and mentioned the climate change that the Arctic is currently going through. He talked about the melting of the glaciers as a major effect of global warming.

Rainn Wilson Stated That The Bad News For Arctic Is A Bad News For The Whole Planet

Rainn mentioned about his decision to change his name at least on the social media handles so that he can take a small step in raising awareness regarding the climate crisis. He wanted to help the environmental activists and influencers because it is high time for us to be concerned about the major world issue.

Wilson tried to raise awareness and inspire people to follow his footsteps and follow the ArcticRisk.org because it is free as well as fun as mentioned by Rainn Wilson.

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The COP27 is scheduled to begin from November 6, 2022 and will be continuing till November 18, 2022. In the conference several world leaders and renowned personalities will be coming up to discuss the issue of the climate crisis.

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