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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ray J Slams Kris Jenner, Claiming He Filmed Sex Tapes With Kim Kardashian

Whatever it takes, Ray J is clearing his name. The musician, who infamously shared a bed with ex-Kim Kardashian in a sex tape, blasted Kris Jenner on Saturday after she submitted to a “false” lie detector exam, according to the artist.

Ray J posted a video on Instagram, which was unusually long for a celebrity video of 44 minutes, where he said that Kris Jenner fucked with the wrong, black man.

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He said that he doesn’t care how old the thing is and that what they are trying to do to him is very inhumane and foul play of the highest level. He said it is wrong because it is racist, and there is much more to it. He said this was not right to do this to anyone.

Following Jenner’s recent appearance on the “Late Late Show with James Corden,” in which she responded to Corden’s questions while connected to a polygraph machine, he wrote a contentious post about it.

Ray J Slammed Kris Jenner With An Instagram Video: 

The mother, 66, vehemently denied involvement in distributing her daughter’s sex tape during the interview. John Grogan, the examiner who used a lie detector, found she was telling the truth.

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He said that now they want to make it look like he is doing it without control. He said these are all fake tears. He said their fans expect them to be honest and sincere but what they do is all about cameras and fake.

Ray was alluding to a recent episode of “The Kardashians” in which Kanye West, the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian, discovers a computer that was thought to have any remaining film of the couple on it.

In another section of the protracted video, he also displayed what appeared to be his original sex tape contract, which stated that they both received $400,000.

Three distinct tapes were included on a different page that specified the contract’s deliverables, and Ray J alleges Kim wrote those by hand. Requests for a response from Page Six went unanswered by Kardashian and Jenner’s representatives right away.


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