Rebel Wilson Banned From Disneyland For 30 Days

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson claims that she has been expelled from the Happy Place for snapping a selfie.

Wilson recently revealed to Hasan Minhaj during an interview on “The Daily Show” about the California theme park, “I snapped a photo in a secret restroom within Disneyland, which is forbidden at Disneyland, and I got formally banned for 30 days. The “Pitch Perfect” actress withheld the location of the park shot she took.

Rebel Wilson Broke Disneyland Rules

Rebel Wilson stated that there was not an instant prohibition and that they appeared to be in no hurry. She said that someone even contacted her to work around her schedule. They phoned me and asked, “Rebel, for what 30 days do you refuse to come to Disneyland because you are gone making a movie or something?

Rebel Wilson continued, “And I responded, “Well, June would be good. Minhaj joked that Disneyland adheres to Met Gala regulations and said, “That’s how I know you’re a celebrity. They say, “No photos here,” but when you violate that rule, they say, “Well, we have to punish you, but looking at your Google calendar, what month works for you?” he stated.

Wilson proposed to his fiancée Tamona Agruma, an Australian actor, at Disneyland last month. In June 2022, Wilson first acknowledged their connection. In November, the couple welcomed Royce into the world via surrogacy. Wilson recently claimed that her contract for the Pitch Perfect trilogy forbade her from losing weight. The actress, known for portraying the role of “Fat Amy,” said she was prohibited from “losing a significant amount of weight” prior to fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Regarding Wilson’s assertions that the Pitch Perfect contract had a particular weight provision, Universal Pictures has not yet responded.