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Thursday, February 9, 2023

The ‘Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson Brought A new Soul

First-time mom Rebel Wilson shares how her life turned upside down after giving birth to her daughter. Not only she but every new mom goes through the same hardship. Life becomes beautiful with lots of new life-changing responsibilities.

New Mom Rebel Wilson Shares Motherhood Story

Rebel Wilson has struggled for over a decade due to being overweight. She has faced criticism more than one could imagine at a such young age. She embraced her weight and body and pulled herself out of that dark phase. The fans have been with her through ups and downs, and have been supportive. They showered her with love after her baby Royce Lilian was born through surrogacy. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for a year, due to her biological clock ticking.

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Rebel shared on her Instagram, how her life has changed since Royce was born, she has learned many things in a week. Everything is rough and tough in beginning but she has now learned how to change diapers and feed the baby perfectly. These are the necessities but she is learning how to take care of a baby, and getting to know her daughter has been an amazing experience for her.

Rebel says her baby daughter is pretty chill. Rebel Wilson had her baby with partner Ramona Argruma. Every baby is perfect to their mother and there is no exception in Rebel’s case. It was exciting and overwhelming at the same, she couldn’t hold back]ck her tears after holding her. She claims her daughter is a miracle. Rebel Wilson named her daughter after her family names, Elizabeth and Lilian both carried by women in her family. Those who have a special position in her heart. She feels whole after giving birth to Royce.

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