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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Renters’ Stimulus Check Delayed

Millions of people living in the United States of America are currently under the threat of losing their homes. The reason behind this is because only a small part of those people received the renter stimulus check provided by the federal government. The whole problem originates from the fact that the highest court of appeal in the country, the Supreme Court, rejected the eviction ban that was approved by President Joe Biden and his administration, in a judgment. This incident took place recently.   

Stimulus Check- Importance

The Department of Treasury stated that not many people received their renters’ stimulus check financial aid payments. It was also reported that a total of 5.1 billion USD, that is 11% of the money was dispatched to the eligible renters throughout the country. This information was provided by a source called “Yahoo Finance.”

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A statement was given by the White House with regard to the issue. They claimed that there should be no delay in providing the renters’ stimulus check in any locality or state. It was also stated that the US Senate had already dispatched the funds. They further added that the money was sent in order to prevent the families from getting evicted unnecessarily and to provide financial assistance to all of them.  

The total amount of the fund that has been provided by the program called the “Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance,” is 46.5 billion USD. The renters’ stimulus check financial aid payments are provided to help all the struggling renters across the country in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In order to qualify for the payment, there must be at least a member in the family who is eligible to receive unemployment benefits. 

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