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Saturday, September 30, 2023

More State Residents Expecting Stimulus Checks In September: Could President Biden Intervene For More Federal Inflation Relief Support

The trickle of inflation relief stimulus checks from the states has strengthened into a flow as more states have come forward to support residents troubled by the unmatched rise in prices of essential goods, gasoline, utilities, and home rent.

Despite the situation, the federal administration is tied down by political compulsions, as the Republicans have refused to back down in an election year, unwilling to give President Biden the upper hand. This despite polls revealing that a majority of citizens were supportive of a fourth stimulus check to tide over the distressing situation created by inflation.

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California And Florida Are The Latest To Declare Stimulus Checks

California and Florida are the latest to join the long list of states sending out stimulus checks to residents. Close to 23 million residents in California are in line to receive stimulus checks, as revealed by the website of the Californian tax board, the FTB. The funds will go out between late October 2022 and the middle of January 2023.

To get a stimulus check, you must have been a resident of the Golden State for at least 6 months in 2020 and should have filed your 2020 returns before October 15, 2021. You must also not be listed as the dependent of another filer in the 2020 tax year.

Qualifying residents must also meet the criteria of income, the adjusted gross income for the state. you must also be an official resident of the state when the payments are disbursed.

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Individual Californians with an AGI up to $250,000 will get a stimulus check while for married couples filing jointly it is up to $500,000.

Individuals earning less than $75,000 as individual filers will get a stimulus check of $350 plus another $350 if they have a dependent. For married couples filing jointly and earning below $150,000, the total amount comes to $1,050 if they declare a dependent at $350.

Florida is giving out a $450 stimulus check to a small section of residents with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. The Florida stimulus check was a surprise as the Republican Governor of the state, Ron DeSantis has vehemently opposed any form of payment. The 2024 presidential hopeful has been at the forefront in opposing any further stimulus checks but has used federal funds to send out a stimulus check himself.

Foster parents, related and non-related caretakers, and welfare recipients are eligible for the payments.

Colorado Is Giving Out A Tax Refund And Not A Stimulus Check

The Colorado Cash Back Bill signed on May 23 will give whole-time residents of the state in 2021 and above 18 years on December 31 last year, a stimulus check worth $750 to individual filers and double that for joint filers.

Residents who have filed their 2021 income tax returns before June will receive their stimulus check before end-September. The revenue department of Colorado website revealed this. Those who have extended their income tax return deadline to October 2022 will get their payment delayed till end-January, 2023. The payment has been projected as a tax refund and not a stimulus check.

Governor John Carney of Delaware has signed into law a one-off $300 stimulus check that will be made to all adult residents of the state. Residents who have filed their 2021 returns before the due date will automatically receive the stimulus check. The payment will go throughout the summer.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a tax refund that will help residents take care of ever-rising costs. Individual filers are eligible to receive $50 while married couples filing jointly will receive $500. The household head will receive a $375 stimulus check.

Most payments will go out by early August to those who filed their returns by the deadline for the 2021 taxes, which was April 18, 2022.

Governor David Ige of Hawaii has approved a $300 refund to residents whose earnings are less than $100,000 for 2021. Those who earned more will get a $100,000 stimulus check. The payments went out in August, as revealed by the taxation department of Hawaii.

Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a bill to provide $75 to residents or 12% of their 2020 taxes, whichever is higher. Residents who have filed their 2021 returns or their grocery-credit refunds for the year are eligible.

Residents of Illinois will benefit from the $1.83 billion family relief fund launched early in July, which includes the suspension of 1% in sales tax on groceries for a year. There was also a reduction in sales tax by 5% from 6.25% to 1.25% during the back-to-school shopping holiday between August 4 and 14, 2021.

A tax on gas scheduled for July was pushed back to January 2023. There are rebates on income tax as well. Individual filers earning below $200,000 will get a $50 refund, while married couples filing jointly and earning up to $400,000 will get a $100 rebate.

Residents who claim dependents are also in line for a $100 credit for each child, with a rebate limit of three children per household.

The checks will go out in the second week of September.

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana has enacted a law to issue a $125 one-off payment to taxpayers of the state. The first round went out in May, with more rounds scheduled for July. They went out to all full-year residents, irrespective of their income if they have filed their 2020 returns before January 3 this year.

Maine Stimulus Check Among The Most Generous Of Inflation Relief Payments

Maine is giving out one of the highest stimulus checks with filers receiving $850 as individuals while joint filers are getting double that amount. The legislation was signed way back in April by Governor Janet Mills.

Permanent residents must file their returns before October this year and have an AGI below $100,000 as individual filers and below $200,000 if married and filing jointly. Heads of households earning below $150,000 will also receive the payment.

Residents should file their returns before October to qualify for the Maine stimulus check.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey has signed legislation issuing $500 to those who have a dependent and have filed their 2020 returns. People must declare a tax liability of more than $1 and have an AGI below $150,000 for joint filers and $75,000 for individual filers.

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