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Ricky Martin Finally Spoke About His Devastating Incest Case

Ricky Martin finally broke his silence after the ongoing incest case got dismissed. Martin, 50, explained recently in a video obtained by our reporters in which he speaks about his nephew’s incestuous relationship claims against him.

Martin finally speaks up about why he hasn’t said a word about the news after it broke out for the first time and has sent his team to keep on telling every news on the matter was fabricated and false.

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Martin, in his video message, shared why he was not allowed to defend himself. The singer says, as the legal procedures were going on, he was not allowed to talk about this matter in public. Ricky Martin was seen wearing a normal suit and tie in the clip while addressing his fans.

On Tuesday, Martin was ready to testify during the hearing of the case. However, his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, 21, was withdrawing the case and his allegations against his uncle. The attorneys of the “she bangs” singer told the reporters that Martin’s nephew dismissed the matter without any pressure from the outside or any influence. The accuser also seconded this in his statement.

Ricky Martin Finally Free From Devastating Incestuous Relationship Accusations

Sanchez, the son of the singer’s half-sister, previously said that he and the singer were in a seven-month relationship, and Martin kept stalking him even after the end of their relationship. Ricky previously declared he would not be throwing speculations to the press as it is a legal matter.

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However, after the case got dismissed, the pop-artist has shared his relief on the matter. However, he did not forget to mention how it has affected the lives of the singer and his loved ones in the last few days.

The”Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” singer Ricky Martin however has publicly claimed that his nephew suffers from issues of mental health.

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