Robert E Kelly Shares Images Of His 2 Kids That Went Viral

Robert E Kelly

For the anniversary of the widely shared film that advised all parents to lock their doors, “BBC Dad,” real name Robert E Kelly, posted fresh family photographs.

On March 14, Robert E Kelly tweeted, “Some BBC Dad material ever since the 6th anniversary of the actual footage was last Friday,” along with images of his partner Kim Jung-A, their children James, 6, and Marion, now 11 years old. We took some lovely family photos this past weekend because Marion had a vocal concert, Kelly noted. “Once again, I would want to thank everyone who follows me as a result of the video. Your kindness to my children and I have made us feel honored.”

Robert E Kelly Celebrates The 6th Anniversary Of The Viral Clip

Robert E Kelly was talking about the impeachment of the past president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, as 4-year-old Marion entered the room with a strut. James Menendez, the host, briefly digressed by saying, “I suppose one of your kids just walked in,” before returning to the serious subject.

James, who was 9 months old at the time, walked into the space in his baby walker and joined his sister facing the camera as Kelly made an effort to contain his daughter. Then, Mom Jung-A flitted into the room, snatched both kids, and dragged them outside. Before continuing the interview, Kelly apologized to the interviewer. On social media, Kelly was immediately branded “BBC Dad” as viewers referred to the interview as iconic tv. On his blog that day, Robert E Kelly posted a message.

In the video, the woman is indeed his wife, Jung-A Kim, and not his nanny, he wrote. “No, Jung-A did not eject the kids from the room with excessive force. The footage makes it clear that she is desperately attempting to maintain the interview’s professionalism. No harm came to the kids.”