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Friday, February 3, 2023

Robin Roberts To Marry Amber Laign After Eighteen Years Of Relationship

Robin Roberts on good morning America announced that she is going to marry her long-time girlfriend Amber Laign after they have completed their relationship for eighteen years.

The couple will marry in 2023, and the brides are incredibly happy about the news. The news anchor announced on Good Morning America that she is finally going to marry her long time girlfriend this year. She said that she was hesitant about declaring the news of their marriage out there.

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Robin Roberts, the sixty-two years old revealed that she has talked about marriage with her long term girlfriend Amber Laign earlier in their relationship. However, the co-founder of plant juice oils had been diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2021.

However, she completed her radiation therapy back in July last year after facing some complications of the chemo treatment.

After Bernstein asked the journo to create her vision board for wedding, she fanned herself with the note cards. She jokingly said that it is hard to believe that Bernstein said that.

Robin Roberts Will Be Marrying Amber Laign After Eighteen Years:

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Although Robin Roberts, who herself also is a survivor of breast cancer, began seeing the pair in Jul 2005, she would not reveal herself as gay until Dec 2013.

In 2020, they commemorated their 15th wedding anniversary, and Laign reflected on the way she encountered the newsreader on Instagram on a blind date.

Back then the massage therapist said that having the newscaster by her side is one of the most precious gifts she got. She said that she had the most amazing heart and is incredibly beautiful and kind soul she has ever known.

She added that she had shown how staying humble and also to treat people with most respect is verymuch important. She ended up saying that she loved her wholeheartedly.




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