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Bridgerton Star Ruby Barker Has Been Discharged And Is Now Recovering

Ruby Barker, star of “Bridgerton,” says she is “glad to be alive” after being released from the hospital following recent mental health issues.

The 25-year-old claimed in an Instagram video last week that “it is time to be open” and said she had been hospitalized after “struggling since ‘Bridgerton.'”

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Barker — who is most known for playing Marina Thompson in the Netflix period drama — gave fans an update upon leaving the hospital on Monday, thanking everyone for their steadfast support.

“You have made me feel so grateful to be alive,” she stated in a recent Instagram video.

Ruby Barker Is Taking A Break

“I am looking forward to the future.” For the most part, I am doing OK. She said, “Right now, I am sitting in a wonderful atmosphere, taking a few days for myself to rest and breathe.” She asked followers to “stop being so harsh on themselves” and get assistance if they were going through a similar struggle in the honest video.

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“I would like to inspire others; if you are having trouble, please help yourself. Stop being so harsh on yourself and take a vacation. And people would often advise me not to be so harsh on myself, but I had no idea what that meant.” Barker reassured followers that she had reached “new heights” after seeking help.

She also added that the conversation around mental health needs to shift. Before receiving a diagnosis, she described herself as “rage-filled, impatient, resentful,” and “bearing the weight of the world on my back.” Ruby Barker did not reveal her diagnosis, but she did say that it means she is “relinquishing myself, forgiving myself, and putting a clear line.” Barker complimented Netflix and “Bridgerton” EP Shonda Rhimes for “rescuing” her with her part, in addition to thanking her, close friends, and mentors.

Ruby Barker ended by telling supporters she could not wait to get her life back on track after contracting Covid-19 and having to withdraw out of the West End show “Running with Lions” due to mental health issues.

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