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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Baby Bump

On Tuesday via an Instagram post, the announcement of Rumer’s pregnancy sharing with her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas became known. Rumer Willis has been enjoying her first pregnancy with her closest members. Rumer Willis, 34, has been receiving innumerable good wishes for the upcoming baby after the revelation of the news shared with them. 

The Instagram photo shared on Wednesday in her story is of Rumer posing in front of the mirror with a lifted shirt showing off the baby bump while she smiles. Right beside her is seen Willis’ sister, Tallulah squatting and clicking the monochromatic picture.

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The pregnancy news was first revealed by the couple, Thomas and Rumer Willis, this Tuesday. They release a whirligig of baby bump photos via a collaborated Instagram post. The good news was also shared by Tallulah on her personal Instagram account the day prior.

Rumer Willis Takes Her Excitement To Instagram

The family is excited to have another member in the house. Demi Moore is way more excited to enter into her grandma era and so is Tallulah to enter into her aunt era. Scout Willis too reposed the picture of the couple and uses the caption as being excited to enter into her aunt phase too. She even thanks the couple for procreating her to be their best friends. The entire sisters batch as well as the mom-to-be are spreading their excitement via Instagram by sharing pictures and even commenting and replying to each other on social media.

A picture of Rumer’s ultrasound appointment involving Pilaf, Tallulah’s dog with the rest of the sisters, was shared by Moore on Wednesday. The picture flaunted Rumi lying on the examination bed with her baby bump exposed, Scout, on the other hand, raised both her arms signifying peace symbols with her fingers while Tallulah is seen sitting and leaning forward to touch the baby bump.

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