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Monday, May 29, 2023

Ryan Clark Criticized Baker Mayfield For His Social Media Activity

Ryan Clark, the previous defensive in the back and an analyst of NFL criticized Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Browns for his activity in social media. Mayfield’s action was disapproved by many people as thanked the fans of Cleveland for their love and support while still playing in the Browns. The letter seemed to be a goodbye note though he is a part of the team. 

Ryan Clark Clearly Disappointed With Baker Mayfield

Chris Mortensen of ESPN also recently reported that a mature adult is required in the position of quarterback for the franchise. As per a source of NFL Network, it was said this Thursday that there are still possibilities that Mayfield will return and play for the team. 

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As per Ryan Clark, Mayfield’s action was not the proper way to communicate things with the team. The things a player needs must be privately shared with the whole team and not like the way he did. Ryan Clark also added that if Mayfield wants to act like an adult then he must carry himself like one and that will also make him a true leader. 

Ryan Clark said that he was shocked and after this action, he understood that Chris Mortensen expressed the right thing about Mayfield. He also added that he did not know how to react and it all seemed true if we consider the way Mayfield used to play at the quarterback and always attracted controversies from the outside world. 

Steve Smith, the previous receiver of the NFL, also took a dig at Mayfield and said that he had led the team into many victories instead of just crying. Mayfield is always in the news because of his controversial comments with critics and also with Rex Ryan, the former coach of the NFL. Mayfield has also retorted back to the fans of Browns for taking against him during one of his bad performances. 

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