Ryan Dorsey Is Celebrating His Son’s Kindergarten Graduation With Naya Rivera

Ryan Dorsey
Ryan Dorsey

Ryan Dorsey is the ex-husband of Naya Rivera and the two have recently shared a few adorable photos of Josey, their son who is 6 years of age. The photos show that Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera are happily celebrating the kindergarten graduation of their son together. 

Kindergarten graduation is a huge milestone and the parents decided to get together to celebrate this joyous achievement of their son, Josey Hollis Dorsey. Ryan Dorsey shared these photos on 7th June on his Instagram page. Dorsey also stated that he is amazed at how fast his son is growing up along with a number of the graduation photos. 

Joyous Occasion For Ryan Dorsey 

The sweet photos of Ryan and Josey have charmed the fans and followers. The father-son duo can be seen sporting amazing formal attire and looking absolutely dashing while they are busy celebrating the end of Josey’s school year. The photos show many kisses, hugs, and laughs along with happy dancing. 

Josey can also be seen laughing while Ryan Dorsey is proudly holding his kindergarten certificate to the camera. These photos show nothing but love among the family. 

Love, Laughter, And Pride 

Ryan Dorsey is 38 years of age and has starred in ‘Big Sky’. He captioned his photos stating that he still cannot believe that his son has officially completed kindergarten. He also added that he is still a baby boy for him and will remain so. However, he is extremely proud that Josey is now going to be in his first grade very soon. 

Dorsey finally concluded by writing how much he loves Josey and how proud he feels to be his father. He also mentioned that he is eagerly waiting to witness and be a part of the next chapter of his son’s life.