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Sam Elliott Apologized For His Comments On ‘The Power Of The Dog’

Sam Elliott, the actor who is currently 77 years old, said sorry for his controversial comment regarding the movie, The Power of the Dog. He stated such negative comments in the podcast of Marc Maron that was held last month. Sam Elliott stated that in the WTF podcast, he mentioned that the director of the concerned movie Jane Campion is a brilliant person and director. 

Sam Elliott Said Sorry To The Directors And Actors Of The Movie

However, later on, he admitted that all the actors from that movie are extraordinary and are extremely talented, especially Benedict Cumberbatch. He apologized to Benedict and others on 10th April in the event of Deadline’s Contenders. 

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Sam Elliott also accepted that he was not particular and definitive while describing the Western culture as per his thoughts and felt terrible that his words hurt the sentiments of many people including the LGBTQ+ community. He apologized for hurting the sentiments of gay people and felt bad as they have always supported him throughout his journey. 

Sam Elliott also has a lot of friends from that community and thus, he explained that his intention was never to hurt them. Lastly, he asked forgiveness from his gay friends who have always been warm and kind to him and stated that he loves them dearly. 

In his interview on 1st March, he referred to the movie as a load of crap and had an issue with the director being from New Zealand. In his opinion, a woman from New Zealand will know nothing about the culture and traditions of Western America. He also expressed his problem that the entire movie was shot in New Zealand and then they claimed the location to be Montana. 

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He also criticized the dressing of the actors as they looked like dancers from Chippendales rather than cowboys. Lastly, Sam Elliott said that the movie created false implications for homosexuality where Benedict Cumberbatch was wearing chaps in the whole movie.

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