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Friday, February 3, 2023

Sam Smith Raises A Buzz In Showbiz After Looking “Cozy” With Designer Cowan

Billboard’s Top Artist Sam Smith becomes Hollywood’s latest gossip after the release of pictures with designer Cristian Cowan from New York. Both were found together in town for the shooting of SNL’s latest episode, the couple looked quite cozy as they walked arm-in-arm while Cowan pecked a kiss on the singer’s forehead. 

‘Unholy’ Artist Sam Smith Might Have Found A New Man For Himself  

While the publication of the image stirred up quite a controversy Cowan’s real identity was maintained confidential with the title describing him as a ‘buddy’ of Sam Smith. 

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Cowan’s captivating works could be seen in celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, SNL lead Chloe Fineman, and Heidi Klum. The designer was also seen recently accompanying Smith for his latest tattoo. 

An Australian Artist from “Markd Tattoos” posted a recent picture on Instagram with the singer, Cowan, and some other buddies of Monday getting inked in his studio. The Artist said in his post about his absolute disbelief that Sam Smith himself turned up to his workshop to get a tattoo. He shared his suspicion of it being a hoax until the day arrived when he couldn’t believe his eyes and honored the moment as one of his proudest. The tattoo is confirmed to be of a red plant of sorts. 

While it remains a mystery where Sam Smith and Cowan might have met, they were caught together on the auspicious day of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s signing of the Marriage Act held in December at the White House.

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Sam Smith’s newest album ‘Gloria’ is confirmed to drop in on January 27th. While his recent single ‘Unholy’ featuring Kim Petras is still on top of its charts making it an impeccable hit. Musician Smith identifies himself as non-binary with pronouns they/them. He admitted to having dated only three men throughout his past whom he considered incredible teachers.

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