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Sarah Herron Alongside Fiancé Grieve Newborn Son’s Passing

Dylan Brown and Sarah Herron’s “hearts are crushed beyond explanation” after the loss of their newly born son. After sharing the terrible news on Instagram on Wednesday, the former “Bachelor” star said, “there cannot be any words for this depth of loss, pain, and suffering we’re experiencing.”

Sarah Herron Moving Against A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Their healthy, lovely baby Oliver Brown entered the world on January 28 at just 24 weeks. The mother who hit 36 recently stated with a carousel of images from her time in pregnancy that her unborn son “passed away in the arms of his dad shortly after.” Our IVF success story, Oliver, overcame incredible challenges to make it to this point, but unfortunately, there were other things in store for the three of them.

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Despite the tragedy, Sarah Herron said their child had taught them a lot about the “purity of love, life, and death.” she continued “Oliver brought so much joy and hope into our lives and our family. There was a higher purpose in creating Baby Oliver than any of us can fathom. His physical form may have been diminutive, but his impact on us will never be forgotten.

The “Bachelors in Paradise” alumni claimed to always remember swimming with the sea turtles whilst being pregnant and having Oliver’s support while she recovered from an injury, also, most significantly, Oliver spent countless hours laying “heart in heart” alongside their dog named Rio.

While we are devastated beyond words, we take consolation in the fact that our son’s spirit never knew anything but love and is now free from the body that maybe she was never meant to carry it. Even in the midst of all this darkness, Oliver shines so brightly. We’ll never comprehend the unfairness of it all. Dear baby son, you have our hearts. Nobody can ever take your place. You are an excellent example of perfection. With all my love for, Mommy and also Daddy ended Sarah Herron in her post.

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