Scaramucci Shared That He Is Petrified With The Future Of Blockchain Industry

Scaramucci Investing in 2023

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of Skybridge Capital, shared his view that the industry of blockchain can be prosperous and flourishing in the future, however, the only concern is the lack of a good leader in the political environment of America. Scaramucci was a communication director in the White House he is currently responsible for managing the Fund worth $7 billion for Skybridge Bitcoin.

Scaramucci Shared His Displeasure For Some U.S. Politicians

Scaramucci gave a speech at the Australian Financial Review Crypto Summit where he openly discussed the future and current state of politics and the crypto industry in the U.S. As per his opinion, the prospect of blockchain might seem a little clunky currently, however, in the future, it will surely blossom. 

Scaramucci feels that the biggest setback to the development of the blockchain industry is the despicable politicians who want to be the leaders of the country. He also added that the industry will be in grave danger if some of the front-runners in the political field get to be the next President of the country. 

He took a dig at Sen. Ted Cruz and called him a hypocrite as he always criticizes Donald Trump privately and then talks about them positively in front of everyone. Thus, he is hoping that his double-standard views must not apply to these views on the industry of cryptocurrency as well. Cruz is a crypto proponent for the public and recently declared legislation on 30th March to ban the Federal Reserve from authorizing a  Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to all the individuals of the country. 

Though Scaramucci is concerned about the crypto industry, still he is hopeful because of the latest Joe Biden’s executive order which seems to be fairly bright and promising. He compared the past days in the space of blockchain with the early times when the internet used to take at least 30 seconds to load a page. They wanted to launch a bitcoin ETF spot, however, were rejected by the SEC this January.