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Sebastian Bear-Mcclard Wants Another Chance

Sebastian Bear-Mcclard is one of the most trending topics at the moment. He had been married to the love of his life, Emily Ratajkowski. The duo was very much in love with each other right from the moment they met. The couple spent some quality time together before deciding to tie the knot. Most of the fans were very much astonished as the duo planned their wedding at such short notice.

They barely dated for a couple of weeks when the two got married. Everyone was very happy for the couple. Most of their friends and family stated that they were made for each other. Both Sebastian and Emily were spending a rosy life and also gave birth to a baby boy. Unfortunately, things started getting messy as time progressed. A lot of indifferences crept up between the two.

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Emily was spotted without her engagement ring which sparked heavy rumors. Eventually, the rumors came true as the couple announced their split recently. Emily stated that Sebastian has cheated on her with another woman. She called her ex-husband a dog and said that she was devastated. Emily Ratajkowski was seen spending time with her family recently. However, recent news stated that Sebastian Bear-Mcclard is trying to ask for mercy from his wife. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Sebastian Bear-Mcclard Apologize To Emily Ratajkowski

Sebastian Bear-Mcclard is reportedly asking for mercy from his wife. Emily has decided to go forward with the divorce which has left Sebastian heartbroken. He has repeatedly apologized to Emily and has asked her to take him back. 

Unfortunately, Emily does not seem to be in the mood to forgive Sebastian. She stated that she has found out more acts of cheating about Sebastian Bear-Mcclard that makes it impossible for her to forgive him. 

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