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Selena Gomez Retorted Back To All The Body-shamers In A TikTok Video

Selena Gomez, the famous Hollywood singer, and actor stated that she would prefer to eat tasty foods over staying skinny forever. She spoke about body positivity in a video she posted on TikTok and said she could care less about all the body shamers. She stated that sometimes thoughts of getting slim comes across her mind, however, she goes back to eating delicious meals. 

Selena Gomez Feels Absolutely Beautiful The Way She Is

Selena Gomez likes eating egg rolls, tacos, Jack in the Box, sandwich with spicy chicken and onion rings and all these fast foods makes her forget about being fit. In a video clip posted on TikTok, she stated that she is currently unbothered about her weight as people will talk about it anyway. 

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The 29-year-old star then copied the way critics talk about her body and mentioned that she have heard things like her body is too small, sometimes too big, and some particular dresses do not fit her, and many more. At the end of the video, she spoke about body positivity, self-love and confidence and finally ended by saying that she is perfect and satisfied with the way she looks now. 

Selena Gomez is quite active on TikTok and there she mentioned that she has not used social media platforms for four years straight and that life outside is much prettier than in the virtual world. She left the digital platform because it made her very unhappy and her decision to stay away from them completely changed her life. 

Selena is concurrently very content with her life and she could connect more with real people and which made her feel like a normal person. In 2020, she announced that she was suffering from bipolar disorder and it gave her a huge relief after knowing the reason for her symptoms. She is always ready to deal with new challenges and was lamenting the fact that life is giving her a hard time.

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