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Friday, December 9, 2022

Senator Chris Murphy Points To Trump’s Flickering Temperaments About The Stimulus Check Round 2

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker (Democrat, California), and Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, are trying to reach a suitable agreement regarding stimulus check round 2. However, the Congress is unlikely to pass the bill before November 3 on account of a probing opposition against a massive package from the Republican Senate.

Senator Chris Murphy (Democrat, Connecticut) released a statement to Yahoo Finance stating a need to resolve the hurdles and complications before the bill can be passed. Despite the political deadlock, their primary concern is to save lives.

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Murphy has dismissed the allegations made by the Republicans in the last few weeks. He ignored the accusation that the House Speaker is intentionally trying to drag the stimulus check round 2 till after the Election for political advantages.

Murphy declared that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about politics at the moment. The citizens of Connecticut’s constituency are unable to pay rent. Huge queues are visible in front of the food banks and people can be seen starving. Trade and commerce firms running at a loss are about to face a total shutdown if stimulus check round 2 is not approved shortly.

Murphy clearly said that President, Donald Trump’s policies and approach regarding stimulus check round 2 undergoes a change by the hour.

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During a press conference on Thursday, Pelosi announced her positive intentions during the stimulus check round 2 negotiations.

Pelosi was heard saying that both parties intend to reach a positive agreement. Nonetheless, if she felt that these negotiations were political and without purpose, she would invest five seconds for these discussions.

Fickle Approach to Stimulus Check Round 2

Trump along with his representative has shown an unpredictable attitude during the negotiations. They have constantly called off discussions before resuming talks about the bill and a wide-ranging and enormous deal. The Democrats and Republicans have engaged in throwing mud at each other but putting allegations during the negotiations.

We have recently heard Murphy accuse Mitch McConnell, leader of the Senate Majority, of deliberately missing out on the ongoing negotiations as he has no intention of saving the crumbling economy. The rumor is that McConnell wants to pass on a dilapidated economy to Joe Biden, once he wins the election to take over the office.

Republican officials have admitted that very few Republicans seem keen on supporting and approving the stimulus check round 2. McConnell has also said that the bill might not pass through the Senate prior to the Election, even if Pelosi and Mnuchin are able to reach an agreement.

Murphy approves of continuing negotiations over stimulus check round 2 even after the elections are over, irrespective of who wins the elections. However, he is suspicious of the Republicans engaging in the discussions after the tables have turned and they become the opposition party.

Murphy believes, as soon as the Republicans lose the White House, they will change their stance from deficit financing, including tax cut and coronavirus relief funds, to deficit spending.

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