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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Checks Going Out Exclusively For Teachers 

Some of the states in the United States of America introduced a provision according to which the teachers and other school staff were provided with an extra amount of stimulus checks. It is said to be a one-time bonus. It is a gesture of thanking the teachers for their services even during the harsh working conditions in times of the coronavirus pandemic. It is also a way to retain the workforce in the education sector. 

Stimulus Check Amounts

The ones who are eligible for the extra stimulus checks will not have to carry out any particular activity in order to receive it. The said money will naturally be included in the paychecks. Ron DeSantis, the governor from the state of Florida, gave a statement with regard to the money. It was stated that the teachers of the state can expect the check to be made available in the month of August.

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The states that have approved the extra stimulus checks are California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas. It has been stated that the “Berkeley Unified School District” of California will distribute a total of 2.8 million USD to the teachers for the year 2022. Similarly, Colorado will be generating stimulus checks of  1000 USD.

Florida will provide the money to the principals and the teachers. They excluded other staff members of the schools from the list. Georgia already provided the money in the month of March. The amount distributed was 1000 USD. Michigan demarcated about 500 USD as a bonus to each member. And to the staffers, they provided 250 USD. This took place in the month of February. Tennessee and Texas are yet to distribute the money. They will be 1000 USD each.   

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