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Friday, March 5, 2021

Several Analysts Are Vouching On FLT To Post $2.82 EPS

Wall Street brokerage firms have been predicting that the stocks of FLT would be posting an EPS of $2.82 for the present quarter. According to reports, seven research analysts have already stated their estimates regarding the earnings of FLT. The range has gone all over the place with the lowest coming in at $2.59, while the highest was placed at $3.08. The company also had an EPS of $3.17 for the quarter, which would indicate a negative annual growth rate of about 11%. FLEETCOR Technologies would be announcing their next quarterly data on the 4th of February. 

The Quarterly Earnings of FLT

Interestingly, the company did post its previous quarterly report on the 5th of November. The provider of business services had reported an EPS of $2.80 for that quarter, which was significantly more than the analyst estimate of about $2.65. The revenue generated by FLT over the quarter was $585.25 million, which was comprehensively more than the estimate of $580.76 million. Also, the company had a 29.55% net margin with a 30.65% return on its equity. 

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There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of FLT. 140166 has been one of the first firms to lower the target price of the company from $300 to $285, which was published in a 21st September research report. Bank of America decided to increase the ratings of the stocks of the company with a rating from neutral to buy. Mizuho Securities went the other way to drop the price objective from $250 to $245, along with a rating of buy. Morgan Stanley also followed suit, with a price objective that was deftly dropped from $275 to $267. 

One of the investment analysts involved with the shares of FLT has issued the stocks a rating of sell, while six others have given it a rating of hold. Incidentally, fifteen research analysts have given the stocks a rating of buy. Currently, FLT has a buy rating, with a target price set at $281.89. 

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