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Shanghai: Voices Of April Creator Requests People Not To Share It

The maker of a popular movie about Shanghai’s Covid-19 lockout, which provoked an unseen show of disobedience on Chinese social media platforms, has begged viewers to stop forwarding the video, saying he is concerned that his work may be carried in a different tangent he does not want to see. His famous video depicting the impact of Shanghai’s five-week lockdown on its citizens is being blocked by Chinese internet authorities.

Last Friday, Chinese internet users posted “Voices of April,” a six-minute movie that records some of the city’s most difficult public moments during the almost month-long shutdown.

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The video is largely shot in black and white and is presented without narration. “Get well soon, Shanghai,” reads the video’s last message.

The video was widely shared on WeChat before being taken down by censors on Saturday.

The Video Captures The Plight Of Shanghai’s Residents

Strawberry Fields Forever, the creator of “Voices of April,” claimed in a post that the video’s rapid growth came as a surprise to him and that he was “moved” by words from other web users.

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“Nevertheless, I do not want this film to be released in the ways that I do not want it to be distributed,” he continued. “I wish everyone refrains from forwarding it, or please ask those you know to refrain from sharing.” It was removed from the internet immediately after it was published, but it continued to circulate on WeChat.

Audio of individuals complaining about their living circumstances, lack of food, and bad medical treatment can be heard in the video. Attempts by the Chinese government to remove it have sparked a reaction on Chinese websites.

For weeks, Shanghai’s 25 million inhabitants have been confined to their homes as officials attempt to manage a catastrophic Covid-19 epidemic.

Audio snippets of the local community criticizing limited food supply and talking about bad medical conditions are included in the six-minute montage.

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