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Shanna Moakler’s BF Deleted All Her Pictures From His Instagram And Will Not Reveal Why

Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend is debating whether or not to propose to her. On the “Celebrity Big Brother” live stream, he doesn’t like what he sees from her and Lamar Odom. Matthew Rondeau, since, has made significant changes in his affinity with Shanna Moakler, but he won’t explain why. Rondeau deleted all traces of Moakler from his Instagram account — and even went ahead and unfollowed Moakler— but she is completely ignorant that their romance may be ended because she is still in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.

Shanna Moakler’s Behavior With Lamar May Have Ruined Her Relationship

Shanna’s boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, is upset about the subtle sexual innuendos going back and forth between his girlfriend and Lamar within the ‘CBB’ home, according to sources with firsthand knowledge.

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The reality actress, 46, stated in one episode while assisting the former Basketball player, 42, put under-eye patches. Sexual innuendo was seeping from their discussion.

According to our sources, Matthew has seen Shanna using many of the same terms he says around her, and he finds it insulting and painful, and he has no idea why.

Matthew recognizes Shanna is on a reality program, but he believes the show’s limits are being broken, and he believes the producers are pushing the show’s storyline.

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Whatever the case may be, Matthew isn’t happy because Shanna is still his girlfriend.

When you add it all up, our sources say Matthew is second-guessing whether or not he wants to ask Shanna for her hand in marriage.

Over the weekend, Mattew went to Tiffany and Co. in Thousand Oaks to look for engagement rings. Since 2020, Shanna has been seeing him on and off.

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