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Sharna Burgess Says ‘Recovery Is Slow But Steady’

Sharna Burgess is mending after successfully giving birth to a baby boy last month, via C-Section. The father is Brian Austin Green. The 37-year-old shared a clip showing her body after one week of giving birth on her Instagram profile on Wednesday. She then followed it up with an update regarding how the baby and she have been getting along after the ordeal on June 28th.

Recovery Is Slow, Says Sharna Burgess

In the video, the veteran of DWTS said that she was recovering slowly but steadily in the caption. Burgess left an update for her followers regarding her new normal, which she called “beautiful” in another video following up on the situation. She said that she was experiencing “newborn bliss”. She adds that she obviously had a lot to share however, presently, she was enjoying just existing at the moment.

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In her video, the star from Australia explains that she ended up birthing her son with the help of a C-Section. Fortunately, there were no “traumatic” reasons behind that. Sharna Burgess explained that it was simply the best and safest option for both the mother and the baby.

She also admitted that she is planning to tell her followers the complete story of how little Zane came into the world at some other time. However, Burgess said that the arrival of the child showed her the importance and significance of only focusing on one thing for the plan of the birth – just giving birth.

In her post, Sharna Burgess shared that Zane was always going to be birthed in the way he wanted and the way he was destined to. She was simply glad to have believed in the whole process because if she had stuck with something pre-planned and a preconceived notion of how it can be, the whole ordeal would have left her shaken when she was informed that the process has to be changed. As such, she was extremely grateful for how she handled the situation.

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