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Shayne Jansen Has Shared Impressive Workout Transformation

The star of ‘Love is blind’ apparently doesn’t think self-love is blind- something Shayne Jansen’s Instagram quite reflects. On Thursday, the actor went on to share pictures of his impressive weight loss transformation. He captioned it by stating that it was amazing when one prioritizes themselves and ends up looking their best version. The 32-year-old star then put up a slideshow of his shirtless pictures that were taken before and after he hit the gym, hard. 

Shayne Jansen Displays His Ripped Body In Instagram Picture

Shayne Jansen is proud of his physical transformation- as he should be. He did state that he had come quite a long way in over a year and finally- he had started loving himself. Sure, we won’t ask people to love themselves only after they get ripped- but to each their own. If Jansen is happy seeing himself in the mirror with abs, that is his prerogative.

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The first photo that Jansen had posted only had his torso visible, but the next picture had a full-body shot of the actor- which showcased his abs. Nick Johnson, his co-star commented that he would be thinking about working out with Jansen- if that was the result. 

In the early part of this month, Shayne Jansen had uploaded a video of him doing ab raises and dips at Mode Gym in Chicago- where he is currently situated. And it seems that his fans believe in our philosophy- self-love shouldn’t have anything to do with abs. Yet, if this makes the star happy- are we really authorized to bring the mood down. Another fan commented that while having abs definitely could be a reason behind his happiness, true happiness could also be sought by accepting one’s shortcomings. 

Shayne Jansen can attest his fame to the Season 2 of Love is Blind, where also got engaged to his fellow cast member Natalie Mina Lee on the very show!

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