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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Shiba Inu Brothers Back In Focus

A new revolution is set to come to the entertainment world. It is being touted as the real wild west of NFTs which is interfacing with gaming. The legendary Shiba Brothers who turned millionaires through Shiba Inu have teamed up on a fresh startup.

The innovative game of play-to-earn is Legends of Bezogia, inhabiting the metaverse and has been fashioned by Bezoge Earth. The Shiba Inu winning brothers invested around $8K in the crypto coin and went on to become multi-millionaires. Sounds insane but it is true.

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Their fame connected them to a network of elite Crypto innovators who provided them with awareness of the newest trends in the Cryptoverse. Inspired they have helped launch what is being considered the next Shiba Inu of the crypto universe. A brave new world connecting gaming and cryptocurrency.

Why Is The Legends Of Bezogia Backed By The Shiba Inu Brothers

Legends… features player-owned economies in a simulated world. The lure for the players in the Gaming community is that it is a new online frontier where DeFi brings together cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain technologies, and finally video gaming.

The collected digital tokens acquired can convert into NFTs with real value. The game remains in the Alpha stage of testing and is available with Mac, Android on your PC. An IOS version is on the way.

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Even in the Alpha testing phase, Legends of Bezogia is one of the fastest-growing games ever and the creators aim to finally reach millions of global players.

The Bezoge people are helping shape the game and have a decisive say in the future of the project. They are not just players. The enthusiasm from the duo who made a killing in Shiba Nu is discernible.

The brothers said that they have backed the Bezoge Earth project because the community instead of merely being players is an intrinsic part of making decisions.

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