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Slope Wallet Gets Blamed For Solana Attacks

Slope Wallet is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. They are a registered wallet provider for Web3 for a significant amount of time. However, recent rumors are going around that the company is responsible for the latest attacks on Solana that made them suffer millions. Solana has been trying to cope with the ups and downs of the market for the past few months. the last few months have been a disaster. The cryptocurrency market is currently going through one of the darkest phases of its time. Almost every company has incurred huge losses.

Companies like Coinbase are on the verge of getting dissolved. Big names such as Ethereum and Bitcoin also could not escape the wrath. Both the companies saw the prices of their shares go down and reach record lows. Solana has been particularly falling behind in the last couple of months. The way their prices have dipped has made everyone involved with the company genuinely concerned. Analysts and experts have taken their precious time out to dig into the reasons why the crypto giant is facing such a lean phase.

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A recent malware attack on their system made them lose a chunk of their cryptocurrency. A significant amount of investors lost their hard-earned money in the process. Investigations have pointed the finger toward Slope Wallet for the attack. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Slope Wallet Accused For Solana Mayhem 

Slope Wallet has been held responsible for the malicious attack on the Solana system. As soon as the attack made Solana suffer by millions, a huge investigation was launched. The investigating officers went deep down to find the root cause of the attack. After some significant tries, the officers stated that the Web3 wallet provider might be the culprit. 

Slope Wallet has not yet responded to the claims. A rough estimate stated that almost $8 million worth of crypto was stolen in the attack. 

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